вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.


It's summer and it's time when you can see all the beauty of nature.
 So, I made some cookies, on cookies and clothes was the same print. And I bought a bottle of milk and took my cookies and went to the field on a small picnic!
 It was great: beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky, green grass and a a lot of small cute flowers.
I had a great time!
I suggest you to spend time in nature too, with friends, family or alone with yourself.

понедельник, 23 июня 2014 г.

∪rban style

I live in a beautiful city and when I have free time I like to walk in downtown. It's nice to walk in the summer, but when it is not very hot. Here you can visit many interesting places, but sometimes it's nice just to walk a little.

For this I choose some pretty clothes, which at the same time is handy, to look good and also to feel comfortable.



Hi, my name is Masha, but it's better to call me Barrymore. 

In my blog I want to tell you about myself, about what I like and what I do. And I hope you will find it really interesting! 
I like everything that is related with art: movies, music, painting, cooking! 'cause I think that cooking is a part of art too!
Also I love fashion, I always try to buy some nice clothes of popular brands and to dress well. 

I wish you enjoy my blog.

Photo by dianasphoto.com